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Welcome to PORTALS
A Division of Pacific Clinics
Celebrating Over 50 Years
of Life-Changing Mental Health Recovery and Wellness Services

Since 1955, the pioneering mental health services of Portals have helped thousands of men, women, and youth stabilize their lives and rejoin the community as independent and productive working adults. 

Portals has retained its familiar brand – Turn a life around.® – and has utilized the additional resources of its parent organization to enhance the breadth of services they offer in Metro and South Los Angeles. 

Portals remains steadfast in its mission, offering a comprehensive system of care that responds to the needs of individuals who experience severe mental illness, which is often accompanied by substance abuse disorders and homelessness.  The agency’s programs and services have been successful in improving the quality of life for more than 30,000 members in need of mental health care since 1955.  Our professional staff has worked tirelessly to support members in turning their lives of despair into lives of hope, turning their lives without possibilities into lives of opportunity, and turning their lives of mental illness into lives of wellness.

Portals takes great pride in its unwavering commitment to serve individuals with mental illness in their recovery and reintegration into community life. Currently, Portals serves more than 1,000 members annually with a comprehensive range of coordinated programs that include mental health services, psychiatric rehabilitation, supportive housing, vocational training and employment, socialization activities, and a myriad of opportunities for community integration.  The agency’s services and supports have distinguished it as a leader and innovator in providing mental health rehabilitation services to people in the greatest need.

As Portals and Pacific Clinics look towards the future, we continue to stay dedicated to our members and the opportunities we have – as staff and volunteers – to improve their lives.  In essence,
this continual rededication drives our mission: to Turn a life around.®

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